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192.65 € vs. 19.01€ (English)

You are wondering about the headline? Yes  that’s a strange headline, but it shows the difference of shopping. I spend today 19.01€ for food in the supermarket. A woman who was in the queue in front of me spent this amount on food and other stuff. I was really surprised about this.

But now to the last week. I had this week my first courses here at UCD. They are different to my Austrian courses, because I am sitting with only 15 to 40 persons in a classroom of 2nd and 3rd stage courses. The next thing which is different, that I do not have to write so much and the courses do not start in time like in Austria.

2 days ago there was the first day of the Buddy programme. I get known some other international Buddies and a irish Buddy. I think I joined a very nice group, because my group consists only of girls. These girls are from Austria, Italy, France and even Ireland. We will e-mail us, to get new appointment and do something together.

3 days ago, we got an introduction in the history, economy and language of Ireland. It was very interesting. I haven’t known that the Irish English consists so much phrases and words from the Irish Language. Some phrases sounds very strange, but they are correct here. I could register for an Irish course, but I do not have time for this so I do not do this.

Two days ago at the evening I was at the student Pub on Campus. There was an Irish Band playing and I heard that the singer is a legend. But I do not know the name of the band. The Irish people were very happy and danced and had fun. It was very nice evening. You can see the fotos in the german article, which was published yesterday.



  1. Oh Clemens. I am so glad you are studying and Dublin and making friends. Try to make at least one Irish friend so you can visit later on in life. I really want to come back to Europe or Ireland for my graduate program. Have the time of your life! Yes, the Irish do have some interesting phrases. Like „crisps“ are potato chips and chips are french fries! Have the craic (which means fun in Gaelic)!

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