Verfasst von: | Januar 15, 2009

A Film (English)

Yesterday was the first point of orientation programe. They show a film in Theatre Q. I walked to UCD and was looking for this theatre. It wasn’t very easy to find them, because the buildings are very big and there are no maps inside the buildings. The don’t have an online map. After a few minutes looking I found the theatre, but there was nobody inside. A girl from Amerika, she was also looking for this theatre meet me. But the Irish are very nice and everyone who passes our way was asking us if we are looking for the movie. Finally we found the right theatre. I was very surprised because only 6 persons were in this theatre. The ERASMUS coordinator told us some general informations and then she started the movie “La Vie En Rose”. It was a french movie with English subtitle and very boring. After 30 minutes 5 persons left the theatre. I stayed till the end with the other two persons.

120 Minutes later the movie come to an end and we left the theatre. The two went to their on campus accommodation and I was looking for the right way to my home. But I meet some Amerikan girls, who where looking for the student pub. They ask me if I know where it is. We find them together and I stayed for a beer.

On my way home I took some pictures from dark UCD campus and was really surprised about the people their. The did sport in the evening or sitting in the pub. Thats things, we do not have on Austrian University campus.

Here are some pictures of my trip yesterday:


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