Verfasst von: | Januar 13, 2009

News (English)

So I am now living in my new accommodation. It is a bit far from UCD, but near the student quater. At the first 4 days I was alone in this big house and it was very cold here. But electricity and heat is very expensive here, so I have to save them as well. Yesterday I was at Rathmines. There are a few supermarkets and stores and a big shopping centre. Tomorrow starts the orientation programe at UCD. I hope I will have fun with this orientation programe and I get new friends. Because at the mean time I am alone and it is borring. The other student who is living here in the house has to work and the most time not here. But I hope it will become better.

The weather is good today. The sun shines and it is not too cold outside. I will keep you on the latest.


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