Verfasst von: | Januar 9, 2009

Abstract of my Journey (English)


This log entry is for all my english speaking friends. So I arrived on January 1st at Dublin and stayed until yesterday at the Youth Hostel. I am now at my new home. It is a big house in Dublin 6. It is a bit far away form UCD, but I got some stuff here for free, like the socket adapter, dounes, pillows and so on. That’s nice. But it is very very cold here inside. The heating is not very good and very expensive. Also electricity is very expensive. So I will save as much as possible, to have money for other stuff.
My term is starting at 19th January. So I have one week here to stay with out doing anything. On 14th January my orientation programme will start. You can see the pictures on the other entries.
To use the bus is still different, then I know it. In Austria we get our tickets at the machine or at the driver and it possible to pay with coins and banknotes. Also the bus has displays, which shows you the next stop. The Dublin Bus don’t have this utilities. So its very interessting.
I am sorry, but I can give only a summary of my experience and not a complete translation.


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